Sequel to True Heir

70 years have past since the Assassin King Clausius killed his brothers to assume the throne and he was deposed by the only other heir, once-bastard-son to King Gyranth, now True King Grey. It is now 499 AM and a King Aed, son of Allen the Righteous son of Grey the True, sits on the throne, however whether he is ruler is questioned by his people. An ‘Adviser’ was appointed by some of the nobles when the Young King Aed found himself on the throne at the age of 16. At first he refused but when an odd man was suggested by one of the western Nobles, the king suddenly accepted. Suddenly King Aed shrunk the army, declared a golden age of peace and prosperity.

While the kingdom had been peaceful since the rule of Grey, many of the people were unsettled by the sequence of events. Some of the people are fine to laugh and drink, but some are keeping their eyes and ears open. Rumors float in from incoming merchants of wasted land not far outside the walls of the kingdom. More and more people are immigrating into Fax, and some of them look half starved and terrified.

Dark shadows approach the horizons of Fax, yet is there a darker one rotting it from its core? Fax needs heroes to aid them in this war, whichever war must be fought.

You find yourself in The Rusty Swine, a meager tavern on the border lands, only 10 miles from the border. You have been thinking to break into adventuring, be it for the glory, honor, money, or excitement, and have just been waiting for the right opportunity; and you think you see it:

Explorers Needed!!

The kingdom is in need of men of decent ability and courage to venture in scouting parties to The Ruins, the road there may contain dangers, so you will be sent in groups. Your goal is to go to the ruins and bring back any items of interest. You will be paid 50gp and be given a letter of Entry into the Royal Guard.

See Captain Reilen to Sign Up

Dark Horizons of Fax

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